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The Daffy's Frozen Custard trailer is on the move in and around Gadsden! Check back here or on Facebook for daily updates on where you can find us! We'll do our best to keep you updated on where to find our delicious treats!


Daffy's Frozen Custard is a local, family-owned business that serves quality frozen desserts using only the freshest ingredients. Our owner grew up on a farm in Illinois where he had a cow named "Daffy" whose favorite passtime was wearing oversized sunglasses on a sunny day! Mr. Watkins knew from experience that nothing goes better together than frozen custard and a hot sunny day, and thus the idea for Daffy's Frozen Custard was born. With the support and help from his family, his dream became a reality. Daffy's Frozen Custard welcomes Gadsden residents and vistors!

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